Things You Should Know Before Visiting Spain


When you think about Spain, of course, the first thing to pop into your mind will be an abundance of culture, history, as well as a good time, right? Although that might all be true, there is so much more to the European wonder bordering the likes of Morocco and France that should be considered before visiting this most amazing country.

Other than the fact that it’s a popular country of entertainment in Europe, let’s have a look of the things you should be aware of before choosing to visit this magnificent country.

Before Visiting Spain, Be Aware That…

Meals are Served Late


Not for any particular reason and not that it matters much in correlation with the country’s charm, but if you’re a tourist, this might be something that you’ll have to get used to. While the typical time for lunch, throughout the entire world, typically starts at 12 PM, be sure to remember that the Spaniards start lunch at 2 PM every day and to many people’s shock, only eats dinner around 9 to 10 PM at night. You best pack some snacks because when it comes to restaurants, dinner is not allowed to be served before 8 PM. The restaurant does allow for tapas though.

Here’s to Outstanding Transportation Services

Hate being late? No worries, Spain’s transport is always on time and is both affordable as well as trustworthy for getting you where you need to be at the time of your choice.

Just Because There’s a Schedule, Doesn’t Mean It Will Be Kept to.

Like being on time? Well, the Spaniards might disappoint you with this one, because even though you’re invited to dinner or commonly, a party, chances are you’ll be waiting a while. So, it’s fine if you’re late. It’s almost necessary if you don’t like to wait.

Just Because You’re in Spain, Doesn’t Mean that Spanish is the Norm

Many people fail to educate themselves on what Spain has to offer and above all else, it has a lot more diversity than you think. It is diverse in both language and culture, even though the majority of people and culture thrives around Spaniards. Catalan is also spoken, as well as Basque, Galician and some English. Getting to know different languages in Spain and its link to history and culture can be extremely interesting.

Flamenco is Not Spain’s Traditional Dance

Unknown to the majority of the world, Flamenco is a very popular dance in Spain, but it’s actually Andalusia’s traditional dance. Flamenco is still apart of the Spanish culture, however, and can be found in over half of the country.

You Won’t Find Sangria, Nor Paella Everywhere in Spain

Although known throughout Spain and considered a typical dish and drink, you’re not likely to find it in Basque or Galicia as you would in any other region of Spain. Not to worry, you can still find it all elsewhere.